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A study of the iPhone UI and rebuilding it in AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) using Adobe Flex 3. AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to use their existing web development skills to build and deploy Rich Internet Applications to the desktop. With the WebControl component in AIR which is powered by WebKit it will allow you to build and test iPhone Applications. Also, I will be showing a component that will give the ability to make and receive calls, record/send and receive voicemail, as well as add and manage contacts. Speaker Bio: Flex developer, information architect, roller hockey goaltender. Joe Johnston has worked with Flash and other interactive tools for over ten years, starting his career at Crowe/Horwath. AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West will take place on September 23-26, 2007, at the Santa Clara Con... (more)

Software AG SOA World News Coverage Initiated on Ulitzer

Software AG SOA World News coverage initiated today on Ulitzer. Ulitzer content is grouped in 25 distinct subjects from "Aerospace and Defense" to "Travel and Hospitality." Each subject group offers an unlimited number of topics, and each topic may contain thousands of peer-reviewed feature stories, bylined articles, blog posts, news, reviews, commentary, and unique editorial content authored by top experts in their fields. Ulitzer is designed to replace Wikipedia with Its three-dimensional live content offerings and dynamic topic structure. "Facebook established itself as the new and improved tool for Myspace users and Ulitzer will establish itself as the new, much improved, dynamic, and  three dimensional version of Wikipedia with live content," said Fuat Kircaali, founder of Ulitzer, Inc. "Ulitzer is an original and unique tool for readers who seek quality content ... (more)

Zimbra Launches Its Network Collaboration Suite for Mac OS X Based on AJAX Technology

Zimbra, a leader in open source, next-generation collaboration and messaging, today announced the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition for Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger" and Mac OS X Server version 10.4 "Tiger." The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a leading open-source enterprise-grade email and collaboration solution and the Mac OS X version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite includes support for iCal, Apple Mail clients and Xserve RAID storage. Zimbra Collaboration Suite is cross-platform, with support for end-users on Macintosh, Windows, and Linux. Zimbra Collaboration Suite also supports users with traditional mail clients such as Outlook and Apple Mail, as an alternative user interface to the AJAX-based browser application. Watch the exclusive SYS-CON.TV interview with Zimbra's CEO Satish Dharmaraj live from the expo floor. Dharmaraj is among the faculty members... (more)

Zimbra's Scott Dietzen Welcomes Open AJAX

... (more)

Zimbra's John Robb Outlines Open Source ZCS Upgrade

Zimbra recently announced an upgrade to its core Zimbra Collaboration Suite product. Version 3.0 has several new features and functional capabilities, and in an exclusive interview with Enterprise Open Source Magazine, Zimbra VP of Product Management John Robb (pictured) answered some of our questions... EOS Magazine: So John, give us the history of ZCS. When was the first version launched, and what were the key reasons driving its development? John Robb: After several months of private alpha and beta trials, the Zimbra Collaboration Suite was launched to the public, as a beta, on October 5, 2005. In November, Zimbra launched Beta 2, a major upgrade to the first beta version, mainly focused on calendaring. In January 2006, Zimbra added the “Zimlets” tool to ZCS – Zimlets allow tech savvy users to develop their own customized Web mash-ups for email and ... (more)

AJAX Rock Stars Gather in New York City To Teach "Real-World AJAX"

By now there isn't a software developer on earth who isn't aware of the collection of programming technologies known as AJAX. But you can't bank awareness. Which is why developers from all over the world are converging today from 07:00AM in New York City's Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square  to live and breathe AJAX at the inaugural "Real-World AJAX" Seminar. The top-line speakers are: Jesse James Garrett, David Heinemeier Hansson, Scott Dietzen, Ross Dargahi, Bill Scott, Christophe Coenraets, Rob Gonda, Dave Crane, Jouk Pleiter, Kevin Hakman, Sahil Malik, and Dion Hinchcliffe. SYS-CON's "Real-World AJAX" seminar series aims to answer several questions: how in concrete terms can developers take advantage in their own projects of this newly popular way of delivering online content to users without reloading an entire page? How soon can developers be monetizing AJAX... (more)

Scott Dietzen, President & CTO of Zimbra, Live From Real-World AJAX

... (more)

Will "Mobile AJAX" Dominate Web 2.0?

In this article, which focuses on the impact of Ajax on mobile application development only (i.e. he does not discuss Ajax in general), SOA Web Services Edge speaker Ajit Jaokar contends that - since his e-mail, calendar and other applications are on the web, and he can store all my documents on the web, all he needs is a browser. "One client to rule them all! Thus, today I would use a ‘browser-only PC’," he adds. Earlier this year, I published an article called AJAX for Mobile Devices Will Be the Hallmark of "Mobile Web 2.0" in 2006. It created quite a stir .. and I am thankful for all the feedback. Specifically, I would like to thank C Enrique Oritiz , Thomas Landspurg , Paul Golding and Jan Standal (Opera) for their feedback. Special thanks go to Paul Golding for brainstorming some of the ideas in this article with me. I did not intend to write a follo... (more)

Ajax Technology Pioneer Zimbra Launches On-Demand Partner Program

Zimbra announced that its flagship Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is now available on-demand through a worldwide partner program for Hosted Service Providers (HSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Through Hosted Zimbra, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and other companies that prefer not to host their own collaboration servers have access to the benefits of ZCS including online and offline support for Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra's rich Web 2.0 user interface, advanced calendaring capabilities, powerful search features and modern collaboration tools such as RSS. "From day one, we designed ZCS to meet the needs of customers and partners who wanted it as a hosted service, and in the past few months we've had hundreds of potential partners contact us about providing hosted Zimbra to their customers," said Satish Dharmaraj, Zimbra CEO and co-founder. "Today... (more)

What Makes AJAX So Special? AjaxWorld Magazine's Executive Survey

 Jeremy Geelan's i-Technology Blog: "Truly, Madly, Deeply AJAX" View on SYS.CON.TV: Real-World AJAX San Jose "AJAX Power Panel" Not since the formation of NATO in 1945 have four letters been combined to such globe-spanning effect, nor has any 4-letter acronym since then been the subject of such hyperbole. (Quod erat demonstrandum.) I refer of course to "AJAX." What is it about AJAX that sets it apart from other programming acronyms and approaches? SYS-CON Media's AjaxWorld Magazine asked a number of its most active and industry-engaged contributors to offer their thoughts. Here are the results. BILL SCOTT, an Interaction Designer and AJAX Evangelist at Yahoo! has no doubt what makes AJAX so special. "Since the 80s, the desktop application world has had a rich a set of user interaction idioms and ways to get at large sets of data and present them in an almost unlimited typ... (more)

Red Hat Starts Moving Out RHEL 5

Red Hat Wednesday pushed out Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5), the first major update of its operating system in a couple of years, a rev on which much hangs considering the threatening noises coming from the direction of Oracle, Sun, Microsoft-Novell and Ubuntu. That being so we're supposed to understand RHEL 5 as being more grandiose than just simply a next release, Red Hat said. More "next generation" and it's segmented the operating system and packaged up some new services to expand its reach and tickle its revenue base. Its goal is ubiquity. At the introduction, Red Hat head of engineering Paul Cormier suggested Microsoft spent a half a billion dollars rolling out Vista only for it to fall flat in the marketplace. The main addition to the widgetry is the integration of Xen, the open source virtualization technology that already appears in Novell's SUSE distrib... (more)